Customer Experience

Optimise experience, build brand awareness

Our unique customers insights programme allows you to gather customer feedback, fine tune your products and services to meet and exceed their expectations, and benchmark your customer satisfaction performance.

Here are a couple of examples where we have assisted tourism operators to keep their brands top of mind with satisfied and loyal customers, from skiing the southern hemisphere’s best slopes to making extraordinary movie magic.

At the Peak

Ski field operator NZSki manages three of the southern hemisphere’s premier ski resorts and keeps visitors happy by delivering quality experiences on and off the slopes. Angus & Associates’ expertise in real-time engagement provides the means to understand these visitors while they’re still on the slopes, and how best to achieve high-level customer satisfaction.

This real-time engagement is supplemented with an in-depth post-experience survey gathering further insights on the guest experience, satisfaction and brand engagement once they are off the slopes. Together, these tailored solutions enable NZSki to respond quickly to changing market conditions, ensuring optimised customer experience.

Grow the Fan Base

Weta Workshop is an iconic experience for film fans and visitors to New Zealand’s vibrant capital city, Wellington. As part of the award-winning Weta Group, Weta Workshop creates props and special effects for the global film industry, and runs behind-the-scenes studio tours where visitors meet the artists and are treated to a close-up on props, costumes and creatures created for films such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Avatar.

Weta Workshop uses Angus & Associates’ Customer Insights Programme to learn more about its visitors, to track and improve the quality of their experience and, in the process, evolve the ever-growing base of fervent fans and advocates.

Regular – daily, weekly and monthly – updates keep Weta in touch with customers and their experience, and enable confidential comparisons with other leading visitor attractions. Weta also benefits from real-time email alerts triggered by customer feedback, providing the opportunity to respond promptly to any concerns.

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Stay Best in Brand

YHA New Zealand has gained a solid reputation for delivering a quality customer experience throughout its hospitality network. As a key to maintaining and enhancing this brand reputation, Angus & Associates designed a tailored guest insight tool for the YHA network.

Post-check-out, each YHA guest receives an email initiation to a personalised survey in a range of languages. The survey explores visitor demographics, YHA’s competitive advantages, levels of satisfaction and opportunities for improvement.

Hostel managers access results in real-time and an email alert system for any customer experience issue, ensures there is an opportunity for prompt service recovery.

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