Customer Insights Programme

A professionally designed platform for ongoing engagement with your customers
Our Customer Insights Programme includes a range of globally recognised measures of customer engagement and loyalty (such as the Net Promoter ScoreĀ©), profiling questions and motivations for brand choice. Add your own custom questions to strengthen your insights.

Why the Customer Insights Programme?

Own your experience
Fine tune your product and service to meet and exceed the expectation of your customers.
Benchmark confidentially
Identify opportunities for improvement by comparing your experiences with others in your sector.
Translate your survey
Translate your survey into over 14 languages, with others available on request.
Unique survey links
Share your survey with customers and gain feedback on their experiences.

Stay in touch with the latest feedback and emerging trends.

Real time alerts
Trigger alerts when responses exceed or fall below your set parameters (e.g. turn negative feedback into a positive response)
Weekly updates
Latest customer comments and updates on key measures emailed direct to your inbox.
Monthly reports
Track trends in customer feedback and other measures across market segments and compared with relevant sector benchmarks.

Turn your customers into brand advocates