Market Intelligence

Understand market dynamics, pinpoint opportunities

Destination planners rely on Angus & Associates’ adaptable, specialist tools which, together with independent, objective research and analytical expertise, provide valuable insights into traveller perceptions and behaviour and inform their decision-making for the future.

Future Planning

Angus & Associates developed the Auckland Visitor Survey to support Auckland Unlimited’s ‘Destination AKL 2025’ strategy.

Our programme provides Auckland Unlimited and their stakeholders with information on the experiences of domestic and international visitors to the Auckland region – their motivations, travel behaviour and satisfaction levels. This information provides a deep understanding of the market, highlights results and progress, and guides Auckland Unlimited’s decision making.

Understanding Travellers

Tourism & Events Queensland (TEQ) commissioned Angus & Associates to identify and profile the New Zealand international leisure travel market, to better understand the needs, attitudes and behaviours of the New Zealand High Value Traveller segment and how to reach them.

This large-scale 2018 survey explored traveller perceptions of Queensland as a destination, benchmarked against competitive destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. By evaluating Queensland’s tourism proposition and marketing communications with high value travellers from New Zealand, Angus & Associates was able to provide recommendations to guide Queensland’s competitive brand proposition and inform TEQ’s marketing communications for this target segment.

Checking the Pulse

Angus & Associates’ Views on Tourism programme measures public opinion on the value of inbound and domestic tourism. The programme explores resident sentiment on the benefits and impacts felt at a personal level, and strategies that could be implemented to overcome any adverse impacts.

Our innovative solution determines a Tourism Approval Rating for a country, its regions and states for both domestic and inbound tourism. The rating allows a country, region or state to benchmark and monitor changes in public sentiment towards tourism.

The Views on Tourism programme is a global solution that has been successfully adopted by national and regional organisations in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

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