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Our business is research and strategy. We use customised tools to gather, measure and make sense of data, then share insights that inform and inspire our clients to do business better and plan strategically for the future.

Strategic Planning

Review, analyse and set your future direction


Feasibility Studies

Evaluate and refine options for your development


Market Intelligence

Understand market dynamics and pinpoint your opportunities


Customer Experience

Optimise experience and build your brand awareness


Events & Evaluations

Understand performance and amplify your impact


Since its release the 10-year Strategic Plan developed by Angus & Associates has been incredibly valuable to us and our operators. As the RTO we use it at every opportunity to ensure we've got the right thinking amongst ourselves for our audience. Funnily enough, over the past few weeks when developing our own marketing campaign (post-COVID-19), this was where we went to first.

Dylan RushbrookChief Executive at Tourism Central Otago

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