Visitor Insights Programme (VIP)

A two-part programme that measures both visitor perceptions of a region and their actual experience.

The Visitor Insights Programme (VIP) is Angus & Associates’ award-winning programme revealing how visitors think, feel and act – meeting the needs of organisations across the tourism industry, including regional tourism and economic development agencies (RTOs/EDAs) and operators.
Insights are gathered using two separate methodologies:
1. A syndicated online survey with a representative sample of domestic and Australian travellers to understand market perceptions, and
2. In-region intercept surveys with domestic and international visitors to understand their visitor experience (with bespoke solutions designed for each destination).

Master every stage of travel with our two modules:

Market Perceptions

Visitor Experience

Market Perceptions

The Market Perceptions module of the VIP is designed to monitor perceptions of regional destinations – meeting the needs of organisations across the tourism industry, including regional tourism and development agencies (RTOs/EDAs) and operators.

Visitor Profiles

Profile visitors to your region and monitor any changes in profile over time.


Measure visitation and self-assessed knowledge of your region.


Benchmark regional strength of association across a set of activities/experiences and custom attributes.


Measure your region’s appeal against others as a destination for a short-break or holiday.


Understand the barriers to visiting your region for a short-break or holiday.

Propensity to Visit

Monitor likelihood of visiting your region for a short-break or holiday.

The VIP is a valuable resource for Rotorua to track the conversion of travellers through the marketing funnel and for measuring our marketing position relative to competitors. The infographic-style reporting allows for rich content to be simply conveyed to readers and the online database allows us to run our own queries on items we want to further investigate. There is always a two-way dialogue with Angus & Associates staff who are proactive in bringing our attention to points of interest and to promptly responding to our enquiries for further information.

Gina GeorgeTourism Insights Analyst at Destination Rotorua

Visitor Experience

The Visitor Experience module is a fully customisable programme of research to better understand the domestic and international visitor experience in the region.

Travel Motivators

Understand what motivates your visitors to travel, and why they choose your destination over others.

Booking Behaviour

Learn how your visitors are researching and booking their trip.

Activities & Experiences

Explore what your visitors are doing while in your region.

Trip Profile

Monitor average length of stay, travel companions, accommodation, transport, and visitor flows.


Estimate average daily expenditure per visitor and identify your high value visitor segments.


Monitor visitor satisfaction to identify strengths and opportunities for the region.

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