Views on Tourism

Understand what your communities think about tourism

Our Views on Tourism programme allows you to measure, benchmark and understand community sentiment. It allows you to respond quickly to social license concerns and gives you actionable insights for destination management and planning, by exploring the benefits and adverse impacts of tourism activity as felt by locals.

Perceptions of domestic and international tourism

Understand levels of support for tourism at national and regional levels.

Benefits of tourism

Monitor shifts in positive sentiment in your community.

Identify potential improvements

Locate areas for action to address adverse impacts.


Discover the key areas your community wants the local tourism industry to focus on in future

Unlock community sentiment and go beyond the prevailing media narrative

Positive brand association

Protect your local tourism industry’s social licence to operate and the sustainability of your sector.

Destination planning

Track effectiveness of destination management policies and set priorities for investment.


Comparative benchmarking with other destinations for valuable context.

Custom insights

Gain further insights with your custom questions.

Delve deeper into the experiences of people in your community