Angus & Associates’ latest findings from their Views on Tourism research, reveal the increasing lure of an overseas holiday.


Kiwis remain keen on travel – but it is an overseas holiday that is growing in appeal.

Strategic research agency Angus & Associates has been tracking leisure travel intentions in New Zealand and Australia since January 2021.
Managing Director Chris Roberts says while a domestic trip is still the more likely choice, a trend towards overseas holidays that has been evident for the past year picked up speed in the latest quarter (April-June).

“Almost 3 out of every 10 New Zealanders surveyed say they are intending to travel overseas for leisure reasons in the next six months. A lucky few are planning more than one trip.”

In the latest quarter, 57% of New Zealanders were planning a domestic trip in the next six months, down from 64% in the same period last year.

29% were planning to head overseas in the next six months, up from 21% a year ago. Australia is the most likely destination (16%, up from 12%), with 7% looking at a Pacific Island holiday (was 5%) and 10% heading further afield (up from 7%).

“People in their twenties are more likely to be eying up a trip to Australia and Aucklanders are more likely to head overseas and less likely to travel domestically than residents from other regions.”

Chris Roberts says the Australian survey results show that Australians are also extending their horizons.

9% of Australians surveyed in the latest quarter say they are planning to visit New Zealand in the next six months (11% a year ago). 4% want to head to the Pacific but 17% are looking at the rest of the world, up from 9% a year ago.

“With the world now fully open to travel, New Zealand tourism operators will be in a very competitive fight to attract both Kiwi and Aussie visitors this spring and summer.

“We need to be investing in well-targeted destination marketing alongside destination management, to ensure that our communities continue to reap the economic and social benefits of visitor activity.”

The rolling survey collects data from over 3,000 New Zealanders and 2,400 Australians per annum. Respondents in both countries are aged 18 years or more and the sample is representative of the general population by age, gender, and place of residence.

Survey respondents are asked about their intentions to undertake leisure travel, which includes holidays, visiting friends/relatives, or attending an event. It does not include travel for business, conferences, study, medical, or other purposes.

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The Visitor Insights Programme is an ongoing study of travel attitudes and experiences and is undertaken in New Zealand and Australia. The programme has been running continuously for more than 10 years and captures information on the travel experiences and opinions of more than 5,000 people aged 18 years and over each year.



Established in Wellington in 2002, Angus & Associates provides research and strategy services for organisations in tourism and related sectors.

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