The perception that travel around New Zealand is too expensive doesn’t quite stack up, new research suggests.


An ongoing Angus & Associates domestic travel study shows that more than two thirds of Kiwis believe they receive good or excellent value for money from their domestic holiday travel.

Just 8% of respondents thought their experiences were poor or extremely poor value for money.

The study asks recent New Zealand leisure travellers to what extent they thought their experiences provided value for money and results are collected separately for accommodation, activities and attractions, transport, and dining experiences.

Between January and March 2021 respondents who had travelled in the last 12 months were asked to comment on their most recent travel experience. Accommodation took the lead with 73% of respondents stating they had received good or excellent value for money, activities and attractions 68%, transport 66% and cafes, restaurants and bars 66%.

“We run many research programmes for clients throughout New Zealand and the results we have seen are quite different to some of the public discussion that suggests tourism is too expensive for the domestic market” says Cristine Angus, Managing Director of Angus & Associates.

To test this difference, Angus and Associates included a value for money question in its ongoing Views on Tourism research programme. This self-funded programme is designed to understand everyday New Zealanders’ perceptions of the impacts and benefits of tourism.

These early results – which are based on a nationwide sample of n=500 Kiwi travellers – indicate that New Zealand tourism providers are delivering good value for money for the domestic market.  “Far from supporting the view that the industry should further drop its prices for the domestic market, the high proportion of respondents indicating they received ‘excellent’ value for money suggests there could be an argument for struggling operators to increase prices in some cases”.

Angus points to the importance of objective market research in times of crisis so that businesses can avoid the risk of being driven by the loudest voice and identify opportunities for adapting to new market conditions.

This research comes on the back of the positive results from Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s Domestic Visitor Satisfaction survey which shows high levels of visitor satisfaction and engagement over the summer season.

The value for money questions are an ongoing feature of Angus & Associates’ tourism tracking programmes.A high res copy of the graph for publication with this story is available here.



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