Since the start of the Delta outbreak in August – and the ramping up of the country’s vaccination programme in response – a rapidly growing proportion of Kiwis have voiced support for the reopening of the border to international visitors.


Few (just 5% in November) suggest that the borders are thrown open with no restrictions in place, but the proportion that supports reopening the border with appropriate health measures in place (“e.g. fully vaccinated or with a negative COVID-19 test”) has grown from 39% in August to reach 66% of the adult population in November.

While there are no significant differences by age, ethnicity or household composition, male New Zealanders tend to support the border re-opening more than their female counterparts.

A high res copy of the graph for publication with this story is available here.

The total survey sample for the period covered in this release (1 January to 26 November 2021) is n=2,797 New Zealanders. Respondents are aged 18 years or more and the sample is representative of the general population by age, gender and place of residence.



The Visitor Insights Programme is an ongoing study of travel attitudes and experiences and is undertaken in New Zealand and Australia. The programme has been running continuously for 10 years and captures information on the travel experiences and opinions of more than 5,000 people aged 18 years and over each year.



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